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Department of Defense (DoD) contractors regularly face complex new requirements designed to protect sensitive information. Starting in January 2021, companies that do business with the DoD will begin implementing the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) or risk losing contracts. Unlike previous standards that only called for self-verification, CMMC requires a third-party assessment from a certified auditor.

We're here to help you get CMMC certification done right, and get it done fast. 

Outsource the Heavy Lifting

CMMC compliance is complicated, and not every business needs the same certification level or technology. With DoD contracts running five years, a lot is at stake if you don't get it right. We take the worry and the hassle out of getting certified — leaving you more time to focus on growing your business and winning contracts. 

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Accelerated CMMC-Readiness

You don't have unlimited time or resources to get certified. Our extensive DoD compliance implementation knowledge means you get a clear time frame to accelerated certification and stay ahead of your competition.

Accelerate CMMC certification

Case Study: How to Get CMMC-Ready in Just 90 Days

Read how we created a cost-effective and time-efficient road map to CMMC accreditation. 

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Partner With a Proven Expert

Expertise doesn't happen overnight. At Peerless, we have a proven track record with regulatory compliance — especially as it relates to federal government contracts, and DoD contracts in particular. As an end-to-end partner, we provide the expert guidance you need to pass your audit, win contracts, and maintain your security posture.

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Gain From Our Experience

As a government IT service provider, we are subject to the same compliance standards as our customers and have already prepared our DoD contracts division for the upcoming CMMC requirement. Leverage our experience to gain the inside track before January 2021.

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Flexible Compliance Solutions for Your Mission

Not every business needs the same CMMC certification level or technology. Be prepared to win DoD contracts with flexible, carefully crafted packages that help you get and stay compliant.

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