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Trusted Solutions for DoD and Federal Contractors

Protect teams, contracts, and sensitive information with end-to-end compliance solutions from industry experts.

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Turn complex problems into simple solutions.

Compliance is a moving target. At Peerless, we make the complicated federal compliance landscape clear and accessible, with industry-tested solutions designed explicitly for DoD contractors.

Protect your business and your customers.

Prevent data breaches and protect CUI across your organization. We’ll implement deficient controls to help you react to and recover from cybersecurity concerns before they compromise your business.

Gain a competitive advantage.

When it comes to DoD contracts, compliance can be the difference between you and your competitors. We support long-term cybersecurity strategies and help you stay ahead of the curve by continually working towards better solutions.


Gap Assessments and SPRS Scores

Before you can implement new controls within your system, you need a clear understanding of your current state. Our gap assessments identify the holes in your cybersecurity posture so you can meet and maintain compliance standards. We go beyond generic recommendations or sparsely populated spreadsheets to deliver actionable insights and a clear path to compliance.

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Robust Integrations and Tools from Microsoft

Shopping for a specific, standalone solution? Peerless can help. Plug our cybersecurity experts into your existing IT teams and let us turn complex cybersecurity challenges into simple solutions. We leverage Microsoft’s cloud-based ecosystem to provide specialized services, including GCC High, 2FA Integration, Mobile Device Management, SIEM Deployment, and more at an affordable price.

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MSP/MSSP Services

The larger your organization becomes, the more support you need to protect your systems, drive IT efficiency, and accomplish your goals. A Managed Services Provider that specializes in defense contracting and supporting the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) keeps you a step ahead of threats and ensures you meet the latest DoD requirements, including NIST controls, DFARS, CMMC, and more. We support your teams beyond implementation with maintenance programs, audits, and long-term strategies.

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Cloud-Based Management with MS InTune

Protect sensitive data with device and application management across company and personal devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

  • Monitor & control devices across your organization.
  • Configure usage policies for each application.
  • Allow teams to use personal devices for remote work.
  • Protect organizational data on personal devices.
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Cloud-Native Threat Protection with Azure Sentinel

Improve your threat detection and response plan with a scalable cloud solution designed to meet your security needs.

  • Collect data across users, devices, applications, & infrastructure.
  • Automate incident response & follow-up actions.
  • Investigate & resolve threats with A.I. powered systems.
  • Access workbooks, templates, & more with Microsoft Compliance Manager.
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Navigating the Road to Compliance

Compliance isn't a one-time project; it’s an ongoing effort. True compliance requires a clear understanding of your current state, remediation projects, and ongoing support for federal controls and regulations.

Check out our Compliance Roadmap to see the complete picture and start planning your strategy from evaluation to full implementation with an experienced team on your side.

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Cybersecurity Experts Committed to Your Success

Peerless can support ongoing efforts, champion new initiatives, or help you meet critical regulations. Find the right solution for your business with a complimentary discovery session.

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