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The Road to Compliance

Rely on a proven cybersecurity partner you can trust every step of the way.

The January 2021 deadline to implement new cybersecurity compliance requirements is quickly approaching. All companies that do business with the DoD need to obtain Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) or NIST 800-171 certification or risk losing contracts.

Since a side of our business does work with the government, we've already been through the process of becoming contract-ready. Our deep and documented compliance expertise can help you successfully navigate your own path to CMMC or NIST certification

  • 1. Evaluate

    Based on your goals and the DoD contracts you're bidding on, this step will determine which level of  certification you need to adopt.

  • 2. Identify and Prioritize

    A gap assessment identifies what technologies and processes your company needs to meet the appropriate CMMC- or NIST-level requirements.

  • 3. Solutions

    Evaluate and select the tools that will help you secure and protect sensitive information. 

  • 4. Implement

    In addition to adopting new technologies, compliance readiness demands that practices and processes related to physical security and personnel behavior are in place.

  • 5. Assess

    For companies seeking CMMC compliance, a third-party assessor will conduct an evaluation to determine whether you've successfully met the criteria. 

  • 6. Continuous Monitoring

    Once your network systems are  compliant, continuously monitor them to prevent security breaches or incidents.


7 Things to Consider When Choosing a CMMC Consultant

Not every consultant can offer the guidance you need. Use these seven tips to choose the right one to accelerate your certification. 

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