Who We Are

Peerless Tech Solutions, LLC is an I.T. system design, engineering and consulting firm specializing in the development and management of corporate I.T. systems.  Areas of expertise include but are not limited to voice over IP, data center design and implementation, unified communications, network infrastructure design, VDI, managed services, virtualization, wireless (WiFi) and full I.T. systems support, and on-call services.

Recognized as experts in Network and Data center solutions, Peerless Tech Solutions is a small business supporting both the Federal Government and the Private Sector.  Peerless Tech Solutions is often brought into highly visible and/or difficult projects to provide solutions that are turn-key. Its owners have spent several years in both the Federal and Commercial space developing high level solutions to meet their customers’ demand of a changing world.

Why Our Clients Choose Peerless

They need a solution they know will work for them.

High priority projects have no room for failure.

Specialized projects have no “out of the box” solution.

Peerless Tech Solutions’ mission is to deliver innovative, value-add solutions that solve complex business processes with proven and repeatable technologies.

Our Past

Founded in 2014 by La Plata locals Brian Seeling and Jim DePhillip, with the focus on providing better technology support for the small to mid-sized markets.  Technology is supposed to be a tool that helps simplify work processes, but it seemed that many companies struggle to maintain a smooth running solution.   Our goal was to create a company that would give customers the same support most large organizations enjoy at an affordable price. We bring that same support and long-term outlook to those businesses allowing them to flourish.

Our Future

Peerless Tech Solutions has experienced steady growth and has found a niche market within the technology sector. We not only provide the best support experience possible but also solutions to out of the ordinary technology issues. Not all problems can be solved by a google search, it takes people with the knowledge and experience to know how to resolve the issue effectively and under budget.  We will continue to hold true to our core values while maintaining focus on the constantly changing technology sector.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn't answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.