Don’t let the abbreviated name fool you – using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is simple. VoIP lets you make and receive calls just like you can on any regular office phone, but it uses internet instead of the standard phone lines. Since a VoIP system looks, feels and sounds like a regular phone, most people don’t know they are using one. We have made VoIP setup very easy, making it very simple when it comes to implementing the new phone system.


There are so many misconceptions about the VoIP system. Well they are just that, misconceptions.


VoIP is only for big businesses.

VoIP is becoming more popular in small businesses. More than one-third of small businesses already have a VoIP system in place. A hosted VoIP (by Peerless) is extremely helpful for businesses with smaller budgets and fewer resources. Peerless, as the VoIP provider manages the equipment and service, leaving the business to only pay for the phone bill.


VoIP is hard to install.

If your business already has high-speed Internet connection with decent upload speeds of at least 2 Mbps, and an IP-based phone system, you are just missing an adaptor to connect the Internet router to your main phone system. Once this is completed, you can start using your VoIP at all locations. This is something we can easily do to transfer you over to a VoIP based phone system.


If your business has an older phone system, you are better off upgrading to a modern IP system hosted by a service provider (like Peerless Tech Solutions). We preconfigure each VoIP system before arriving on-site. The last step is just plugging it in and showing you how to use it.


Do I have to get an IT staff to maintain my VoIP?

Once you sign up for VoIP, we will come out to install the system for you or you can ask for instructions to do it yourself. Once the system has been established, the phones just have to be plugged in and they are ready to use. Most of the changes from VoIP is done via software, making it less of a hassle compared to the traditional phone system.


VoIP is the Way to Go

  • Reduced phone costs: VoIP services charge a monthly fee per user. This monthly cost is usually lower than landline service. With VoIP you don’t have to pay for long distance calls or any other crazy fees.
  • Upgrade your business without hurting your wallet: VoIP offers features that increase employee productivity. With VoIP phones like Cisco and Polycom, you can get video conferencing, call recording, and call forwarding to mobile devices. VoIP also makes it convenient and sends voicemails to emails once they are received. These features make flexible work locations easier for communication.
  • Make employees accessible, in or out of the office: As mentioned above, when employees are working remotely or at home, they can install the VoIP app on their phones or tablets. This makes your employees reachable via phone, voicemail or over video conferencing.


What’s Next?

The first step towards upgrading your original phone system to a VoIP is researching the different plans and packages. Don’t look any further. We have over 14 different solutions ready to fit any kind of business. We will come out and do a free estimate to see which platform will work best for your business. It will take no time to have you business up and running with new VoIP phones.

Want to learn more about upgrading your business to VoIP? Give one of our Account Managers a call today to upgrade your business phone solution. We proudly serve the Charles County, La Plata, Waldorf, White Plains, Calvert County, Prince Frederick, Solomon’s, St. Mary’s, Lexington Park, Washington D.C. and Virginia areas.