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People are Constantly on the Move and Need to Stay Connected.

Having a solid WiFi network is more than just installing a new access point in the ceiling. With the number of connected devices crowding the airwaves, it’s important to have a properly designed wireless layout, allowing for maximum performance.

  • Managed WiFi Services by Peerless Tech Solutions gives you the ability to have your wireless network monitored 24x7x365.
  • Reduce the cost of your deployment! Cloud based controllers allow you to avoid expensive implementation cost and put money back into your budget.

Keeping your access points up to date with the latest firmware is essential to your wireless network security and can cause downtime if not done properly.

Our Managed WiFi package includes:

  • monitoring your wireless network 24x7x365.
  • scheduled maintenance to ensure access points are running on the latest updates.
  • cloud-based controllers, all at a low monthly cost per access point.

By managing your WiFi networks, we can make real time adjustments to environmental variables that effect signal strength, speed and reliability, allowing your wireless network to run a peak performance.

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