WiFi Implementation

Allow Peerless Tech Solutions to equip your
office with the latest wireless technology.

Choose Peerless for Your WiFi SolutionsIn today’s workplace wireless is imperative to the way we do business. People are constantly on the move and need to stay connected. Having a solid wifi network is more than just installing a new access point in the ceiling. With the amount of connected devices crowding the airwaves, its important to have a properly designed wireless layout, allowing for maximum performance.

Why Ruckus?

Peerless Tech Solutions chose Ruckus Wireless as its preferred wireless vendor because its just simply better wireless.


  • Beamflex with adaptive polarized diversity optimizes antenna signal strength based on distance from the AP and device orientation (vertical or horizontal)
  • ChannelFly automatically monitors and selects the optimal channel if interference is identified
  • Capacity-Based Client Access Control ensures that currently associated clients are not impacted by potential extra traffic during periods of heavy load


  • Easy to use, deploy, maintain, and manage through superior RF capabilities
  • Less IT manager involvement
  • Licensing is 1-to-1 and can be ported to other models or platforms as they become available
  • SmartZone management platforms


  • Higher capacity and performance, twice the coverage at lower cost
  • Lower up front CAPEX cost and ongoing OPEX cost
  • No extra cost for included features

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