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HIPAA Compliance

Keeping your customers' data safe so you can focus on keeping them safe and healthy

What's HIPAA? The Law!

Organizations which handle Protected Health Information (PHI) must be HIPAA compliant. Like many security compliance control sets, HIPAA compliance is demanding and extensive.

Implementing these security controls can be extremely challenging for organizations lacking experience in security compliance procedures. Performing a HIPAA Risk Assessment using the Network Detective HIPAA Compliance Module is an opportunity to protect your organization from a costly violation of the HIPAA Security Rule and the stiff fines that are often levied on those who fail to take pro-active measures to prevent them.

Our certified security will assist you with addressing network and physical changes as required by HIPAA’s compliance controls, and we will provide to you the tools, knowledge, and expertise required to implement and maintain HIPAA compliance.

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Assessment & Remediation

We will provide a Risk Score Matrix that will prioritize any issues that need to be addressed based upon the potential impact to business and the likelihood of occurrence.

Optimized IT Environment

Having an optimized IT environment keeps you ahead of the cyber threat curve. 

We Understand The Challenges You Face

Between helping your patients, and making sure your employees are on top of their duties, it can be cumbersome making sure you're on top of compliance requirements. 

Getting Compliant

It's the Law! - Never Fall Behind Again


Conduct a site interview where you’ll answer a series of questions. This will give us a good idea of where you stand and to what extent your compliance


Conduct an on-site survey where we’ll observe, take photos and check security policies. We’ll also run a non-invasive Network Detective Local HIPAA scanner on every PC and kick off an External Vulnerability Scan.


We’ll work together to complete a User Identification Worksheet, Computer Identification Worksheet and a Share Identification Worksheet to collect data.


We’ll generate a Security Exception Worksheet listing any issues that have been identified then analyze and organize the information into a set of official HIPAA Compliance reports for you.


Our Goal

Keeping you secure and compliant so you're able to continue your practice without worrying about fees and fines.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Chesapeake Biological Laboratory in Solomons utilized the services of Peerless to conduct a comprehensive review of our IT operations. The Team was extremely professional, conducted a thorough analysis of our operation, talked with the IT staff to get details on processes and provides us with a comprehensive report for us to use as a tool in making decisions on advancements in our operational effectiveness and efficiencies. I highly recommend the Peerless Team. 

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University of Maryland - CES

Risk Assessment Gap Analysis

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