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NIST Compliance

Our certified security team is experienced in NIST compliance and is qualified to assist you and your organization in becoming NIST compliant. NIST compliance often calls for significant internal network changes which may seem daunting to individuals whom are not familiar with the specific controls detailed in NIST security documents. We provide to you the tools, knowledge, and expertise required to implement and maintain NIST compliance.

HIPAA Compliance

Performing a HIPAA Risk Assessment using the Network Detective HIPAA Compliance Module is an opportunity to protect your organization from a costly violation of the HIPAA Security Rule and the stiff fines that are often levied on those who fail to take pro-active measures to prevent them. Our certified security will assist you with addressing network and physical changes as required by HIPAA’s compliance controls, and we will provide to you the tools, knowledge, and expertise required to implement and maintain HIPAA compliance.

WiFi Solutions

Having a solid WiFi network is more than just installing a new access point in the ceiling. With the number of connected devices crowding the airwaves, it’s important to have a properly designed wireless layout, allowing for maximum performance.

Data Center Consolidation

Do You Have a Mix of Technologies Old and New? Are You Interested in the Cloud but Unsure of the Correct Path? Our certified team of Data Center experts will evaluate your current environment, create baselines for future growth and develop a strategy to help you reach those goals, all while staying within budget.

Office 365 Migration

The Office 365 migration team at Peerless Tech Solutions can help you navigate through the cloud, allowing for smooth transition with very little interruption. With several migrations completed moving thousands of users we have the expertise to get you there.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications and Collaboration is the way of the future. You want more ways to keep in touch with your team, inside and outside of the office allowing you to get more accomplished. Our solutions integrate real time enterprise communications such as; voice, instant messaging, web conferencing, voicemail, presence, desktop and data sharing, working across multiple device types, giving you the ultimate communications platform.


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