Managed Data Center

Was your Data Center configured but never setup to be monitored? How critical is your Data Center to your business operation?

Do not let a data center outage cripple your business, let Peerless Tech Solutions’ team of data center engineers and architects monitor your entire Data Center Operations, stopping problems before they occur.

Our Offerings

Hybrid Data Center Deployment

We are able to monitor and manage both on premise and cloud based data centers. We understand that companies want to leverage the cloud, but do no intend to move their entire data center operations. We can monitor your on premise infrastructure along with your AWS deployments all in real time and in sync with each other, giving you complete peace of mind.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Many companies don’t fully realize the importance of disaster recovery planning until unexpected disaster events occur. Peerless Tech Solutions offers the expertise and guidance to engineer disaster recovery and business continuity services and we can build a plan the works best for your business.

Identity, Security and Risk Management

Achieving compliance and sustaining secure and uninterrupted business operations, with particular emphasis on managing confidentiality across the extended enterprise, while still maintaining communications across your applications.

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