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Our Managed Services allows a personalized service plan to fit your business’ unique IT needs.

What Are Managed Services?

Managed Services is the proactive management of an IT (Information Technology) asset or object, by a third party typically known as a MSP, on behalf of a customer. The operative distinction that sets apart a MSP is the proactive delivery of their service, as compared to reactive IT services, which have been around for decades.

Typically, MSPs will have the following distinguishing characteristics:

  • Have some form of Network Operation Center (NOC) service

  • Have some form of service or help desk service

  • Be able to remotely monitor and manage all or a majority of the objects for the customer

  • Proactively, compared to reactive, maintain the objects under management for the customer

  • Delivery these solutions with some form of predictable billing model, where the customer knows with great accuracy what their regular IT management expense will be

Learn More About Our Offerings

Support Desk

When your critical systems go down, your business needs help to get you back up and running painlessly and efficiently, so that you can get back to the important work you do.

Managed Security

Peerless Tech Solutions provides your organization with the first line of defense against viruses and security threats that can be a result of outdated Anti-virus software and unpatched systems.

Managed Backup

A managed backup service from Peerless Tech Solutions ensures that all files are automatically backed up as frequently as every 15 minutes, if needed.

Managed Desktop

Our remote support technology allows our technicians to connect directly to your machine and see exactly what you see, so we can troubleshoot and resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

MyIT Department

MyIT Department from Peerless Tech Solutions offers unlimited monthly support at a fixed monthly rate, so you won’t have any unexpected bills.

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