CryptoWall is a new and destructive type of ransomware.  The Trojan is mainly distributed through spam campaigns, compromised websites, malicious ads, or another malware. In Cryptowall spam campaigns, the emails usually contain a malicious attachment and include a message attempting to convince the user to download the file. The email could claim that the attachment is an invoice, an undelivered package notice, or an incoming fax report. If the user opens the attachment, then their computer will be infected with Ransom.Cryptowall. Once the files are encrypted, the Trojan displays a text document or HTML page with a message. The message informs the user that their files have been encrypted and gives instructions on how to obtain the decryption key needed to unlock the files. It may also warn users that the decryption key will be deleted after a certain time-period to pressure the user into paying sooner. The criminal may demand hundreds of dollars in payment and the amount may increase after a specified time-period.


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