Microsoft now offers Microsoft Teams––a new chat based workspace in Office 365. Microsoft Teams brings together people, conversations, and content––along with the tools that teams need––so they can work together to accomplish more. Teams can be located along with the other applications stored on the Office 365 home page.


Lets get started! Give your team a name and describe it! For example, Bay Bridge Project. Then choose your privacy settings, open to the public (anyone can join your team) or a private closed team. Finally, select who you’d like to be in your group!


Teams allows you to chat, share documents, video chat, and more with your team! Also, upload and keep track of previous and upcoming meetings with your team. Have more than one team? No problem! Jump back and forth between different teams without mixing their information up. Sounds like a perfect way to stay organized and on top of things!


Have any more questions in regards to Teams offered by Microsoft? Give us a call or leave a comment!