Whether someone is looking to do some work, check emails or even post a photo on Instagram of your location – your customers expect Wi-Fi, and they expect your Wi-Fi to run quickly and efficiently.

Wi-Fi infrastructure is a serious investment and a service that you must provide to customers. When deciding on Wi-Fi services you should consider the following:

  • Make sure you have a trustworthy router. Without a trustworthy router, your networks performance is not going to be reliable.
  • Have only one SSID for your infrastructure. If you have more than one SSID and ask guests to sign in and add passwords twice, they’re going to get aggravated. You can implement a controller-based Wi-Fi system if all devices are connected to one router.
  • Perform annual maintenance on software, hardware and firmware of your infrastructure. You should have your devices reconfigured and upgraded on an annual basis.

Whether you’re a small coffee shop, a department store or a boutique hotel – you want your customers to have a positive experience and share that experience with others. Don’t forget the small details like Wi-Fi. Need help deciding on or implementing Wi-Fi? Contact us today!