Our phones are the most important accessory we carry with us each day.   We depend on them for basically everything.  Imagine you are locked out of your phone and have to pay money to access all of your important information.att


This is what exactly happened recently-well, partly.


Apple has issued an iPhone software update after reports of fake ransomware attacks where money was demanded in order to unlock the handset’s browser.


The reports indicated that a pop-up screen came up accusing the owner of the iPhone of pirating music or accessing illegal pornography and could not be removed.




Thankfully, this ransomware was fake and all the user had to do was clear the browser to restore full access again.


The scam ran on Javascript, which is a code commonly used by many websites.


The hackers wanted over $100 in the form of an iTunes gift card, in hopes that the victims would pay them before realizing their iPhone was not locked after-all.


Apple has supplied a patch in their 10.3 update, which closed the attack vector by changing how Mobile Safari handles website pop-up dialogs, making them per-tab rather than taking over the entire app.


Be skeptical of pop-ups similar to this one that may occur in the future before you pull out your wallet.

Educate yourself to help stay safe and practice good habits while browsing the web!


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