Listen, it’s 2018 and time to get rid of those dinosaurs in your office you call “technology”. What you think of as reliable technology that has been around since the beginning of time, is actually the biggest vulnerability. Not to mention that older technology is holding your office back.


Technology is now woven into our everyday lives. We use our cell phones to wake up in the morning. Our major form of communication is done via cell-phone data or the internet. Schooling is now majority web based. Most people under the age of 25 don’t know how to read a map thanks to the GPS. These are just a few examples of how technology is ruling our world and there is no way to get around it. So why not get with the times and update the items you use to make your world go around.


Dial-Up to Wireless Internet

We reallllly hope you don’t have dial-up internet. For those who are too young to remember what dial-up is…it is the most annoying noise and it takes forever to get on the internet. Just Google it and you’ll probably find a Youtube video dedicated to it. Dial-up is the most insufficient way to get any online work completed.  By providing wireless internet at your office, you give your employees the flexibility to work wherever ideas hit them, whether in a meeting, sitting outside on a nice day, or at a co-workers desk.


From Desk Phones to Business Phones with Mobility

Every desk used to have a hard-wired phone that had a cord running to the closest telephone jack. People were unreachable unless they’re sitting at their desk…or they had a pager. Now majority of businesses give their employees mobile phones or a way to communicate when they aren’t sitting at their desk. Business communication systems (like Cisco) are now accessible on whatever devices employees are using and can even mask their personal information from customers when they’re replying from their personal phones.


From Servers to Cloud Networks

Every office used to have a room or closet they called the “server room” that was filled with rows of servers that powered the office networks. Employees had to be at the office in order to access these files or any software program they needed to use. These servers became a very big inconvenience to the company because of maintenance, limited space, and inaccessibility.  Thanks to cloud networks, servers are hosted offsite by dedicated cloud vendors who handle day-to-day care of the servers while companies focus on serving clients and growing their businesses to scale.


Who’s on the Endangered List?

The easy answer is majority of offices. With cloud and mobile technology available at affordable prices, many businesses have virtual offices, or at least some remote workers. With the way technology is going, the concept of offices will also be a thing of the past just like dinosaurs. Preparing and slowly moving your business in the technology world direction won’t leave you using outdated business concepts. Companies that embrace the cloud and provide their employees with technology that fosters flexibility are the ones that will succeed.


Are you worried your office is on the endangered list? Don’t let something as minor as outdated technology sit your business back. Call one of our account managers today to learn more about upgrading your company’s technology. We proudly serve Charles County, La Plata, Waldorf, White Plains, Calvert County, Prince Frederick, Solomon’s, Washington D.C., and Virginia.