While you are out surfing the web for great Cyber Monday deals, thieves are waiting for an easy steal of your personal information.


Online, you could be handing over your personal information and not even realize it! Nearly half of Americans, or 78 million people, are expected to shop online for Cyber Monday. Don’t be one of the 78 million who may have their information stolen.


When shopping online with a mobile device, be extra cautious. Scammers can create fake websites that look legitimate on mobile browsers, so check the URL before you check out. Websites with ‘HTTPS’ at the beginning are the safest.


This is also a known time for phishing scams. “Sites” will be sending what look like great deals and coupons to potential customers. Be cautious when clicking on any links you may receive.


According to a survey form CNN last year, nearly 15 million consumers were targeted with fraud and hackers made out with 16 billion dollars!


Be sure to practice safe purchasing behaviors this holiday season! Check bank statements frequently and report any fraudulent purchases.


Happy Holiday Shopping!


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